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Are you ready to take your real estate business to the next level? Check out our online course and group coaching!


Foundational Tools for a Billion Dollar Business

In this course, you will learn what necessary principles you need to persistently grow & perfect through focused intent and effort in order to be successful. Terrence will focus on topics such as time blocking, lead generation, agent profile type, branding, customer retention, and much more.

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REE Roadmap

Take a sneak peak of the online Real Estate Entrepreneur Coaching courses that will be available soon and what's to happen next!

Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent Course - Level 1

Learn what it takes to become a Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent in this Level 1 course led by Instructor Terrence Murphy!

Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent Course - Level 1 Available Now!

Coaching Roadmap

  • 🔥 Real Estate Entrepreneur Podcast Launch – 12/15/2020
  • 🔥 Real Estate Entrepreneur Instagram & Facebook – 12/15/2020
  • 🔥 Beta Coaching Event – 3/24/2022
  • 🔥 Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent Course Level 1 – 4/27/2022
  • 🔥 Real Estate Entrepreneur Clubhouse Club – 4/27/2022
  • 🔥 REE Group Coaching 5/3/2022
  • Online Merchandise Store – Coming Soon
  • Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent Level 2 – Coming Soon
  • Billion Dollar Real Estate Investor Courses
  • Billion Dollar Real Estate Entrepreneur Courses
  • Affiliate Coaches
  • Development Mastermind
  • Rejuvenate Retreat
  • Book Release
  • & More!


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"I've taken the Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent course by Terrence Murphy, and I can say I am completely blown out of the water with all of the information and value that was shared. To be given the PLAYBOOK and ROADMAP on how to grow your business and truly what I consider to be the Next Level. They only way I can see someone not accomplishing the proven strategies that Terrence has shared throughout this course would have been to be a lack of implementation and following the specific directions. See you guys at the TOP! Thank you Terrence. "

Toccara Williams