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January 5 / Real Estate

11. 18 Rental Properties in 3 Years by First Time Investors in their 20's w/ Jahbari McLennon

ARE YOU COMMITTED? Cause if you are, you’ll ask the right questions. We are joined by former mentee on and off the football field, speaker, sales professional, and real estate entrepreneur (@jahbari09), Jahbari McLennon! Jahbari speaks on the reality of getting started in the game of real estate. Terrence and Jahbari talk step by step about Jahbari’s process and what he looks for in each property. Jahbari and his wife, Shania, sacrificed and leaped to now own 18 rental properties in just 3 YEARS! Jahbari is living proof that you can start in your 20’s and create an empire by going all-in on your pursuit of financial freedom. We hope you enjoy the episode as Terrence and Jahbari reminisce on the long interrogations conducted on Terrence and hope you’ll lend your ears to Jahbari’s show #wyst (What’s Your Self Talk) on all platforms.

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