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June 28 / Real Estate Production

71. It Does Not Take Ten Years To See Success w/ Laura Cates

ARE YOU A NEW AGENT? It’s time to take some notes! We welcome an absolute killer in the real estate game, Laura Cates! Laura is brand new to the industry and did $10,000,000 in production her FIRST year, and is DOUBLING her production this year! Tune in as Laura explains her USP and destroys veterans in the space. For more information, check out Laura on social media @lauracates_realestates, and be sure to comment, like, subscribe, and click the notifications on to stay up to date with new episodes!

Contact: Laura Cates @lauracates_realestates laura.tmtcollegestation.com

Books: Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins Die with Zero by Bill Perkins

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